Improving on What You Have~

Often we are asked to help make an existing feature better.

Here is a backyard water feature that was interesting but unimaginative. We improved it and made it appear as if it has always been there, in the woods, with an atmosphere that drew your attention.

What do you think?

Creating interesting panels is always a fun treat, not only for our clients but for us, too~

Wattle Fence
Using black locust poles that do not rot in soil and recently cut willow branches, this wattle fence was erected to provide some privacy along the client’s property line.

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Creating Privacy and Interest in a very limited area

Coming off the parking lot, the lower apartments at 600 River Road needed something special.

Jacrist designed and installed these evergreen hedging beds with a special ‘inside view looking outward’ that created a low maintenance sidewalk side with daylilies and hosta and more interesting, garden-like area on the inside, with rhododendron, azaleas, heuchera, hosta, bergenia and different sized rocks and pebbles.

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Creating an Inviting Destination Site to Relax

Working at 600 River Road in Tonawanda, NY has been such a pleasure, from taking what was to what could be.

Here is a compilation Before/after shot of the waterfront area. What’s really cool is that as you come around the building from the parking lot, you really do get the ‘Wow’ factor as you enter this incredible area, overlooking the beautiful Niagara River.

How lucky are the residents here?

Spring Arrives in Buffalo!

Well, it’s getting there

Yes, just looking at the calendar and hearing the phone begin to ring, one can tell my fellow Buffalonians are itching for spring to appear. Why not take this time to give us a call if you have a project you are thinking of for 2017?

Come See Spring Now

Coming March 23-26, Western NY’s premier landscape gardening show, Plantasia, will be held at the Erie Co. Fairgrounds in Hamburg. On Friday at 2- 3 pm. I will be offering a free seminar on ‘How To Landscape Your Home’. Why not come and pick up some tips I have learned over my 38 years of landscaping? And what better reason to get out from this white landscape to see the blissful colors of spring?

Here’s a link for reduced ticket prices before you come down.

Getting Ready Now

Here at Jacrist, we are already receiving shipments of supplies and materials, to get ready for our season. When these boxes appear, it’s even better than Groundhog Day as an indicator that life will soon get crazy around here.

Pleasantly, our winter hasn’t been so bad and yet many of us are fretting over what might come as a last reminder that winter is not yet over for us. Although we did experience a lack of snow cover, we didn’t have the bone chilling below zero temperatures of previous recent winters. With that said, I don’t expect our fruit tree flowering to be much affected in our area, meaning we should have a good crop this year of peaches, apples and pears and our flowering shrubs and early spring perennials and bulbs should present us a good floral display.

Services Offered This Season
Spring Cleanups

As many of our long term clients know, previous clients have priority in scheduling and completion of work. We limit the number of Spring Cleanups so we are completed by the second week of May.

We offer a limited number of cleanup slots for new clients, so if you are new to Jacrist, please contact me ASAP to get those coveted slots in our schedule. Know when you hire Jacrist, you get me with my crew, completing work properly, under my active supervision, using organic controls and fertilizers and removing all debris so your place looks great when our trucks pull away.

Award winning Design/Installations~

I have been honored to receive notable landscape awards from the NYS Nursery & Landscape Association and our regional organization, PlantWNY, for work we have completed for both my residential and commercial clients. I am humbled by this recognition of my peers and I am thankful for the opportunities and freedom my clients allow me in completing our work.

The bulk of our work after Spring Cleanups are new landscape plantings, patios, terraces, natural stone walls & water features. We service both commercial and residential properties. Many of my clients use a multi-year installation program to efficiently and economically create the landscaping appeal for their homes and businesses; yet all depend on me to complete my design on time, using the right plant in the right place, so their property will look wonderful when we’re done and well appointed in time.

If you are a new build or renovation project, I especially recommend you contact us early so we can work together to plan a cohesive site landscaping and hardscaping plan to include all the sidewalks, patios, pools & landscaping, etc. before any site improvements take place. This way, you won’t have to think,“Oh, I wish I had known about that before we spent the money to…” when I come up with ideas of how to best present and use your outside property. It also allows me to efficiently schedule site work in a timely and efficient manner.

My affordable design fee is used as a credit towards work completed in the season I am contracted.