Getting My Feet Wet for my 43rd Season

Just in time before the snow, I had the pleasure of recomposing the front landscaping for a client. Perennials will be added as they become ready.

Readjusting plant composition often creates a different view and freshens up the landscaping without great expense.

“Call Us and Consider It Done!”

Jacrist’s Five Timely Lawn Mower Tips

1) Change oil in Spring (10W30)
2) Sharpen edges of blade (again in August) or every 20 hrs of use
3) Use scraper to remove clumps under the deck of mower, then rinse clean after each use.
4) To keep weeds and grass from starting in beds, never blow lawn clippings into beds. Run the mower so discharge is away from the bed.
5) Change up the pattern of grass cutting every month.

What a fence!

All too often, wooden fences meet the first expectations of providing privacy and security.

But why not consider using varying stain color to create depth, especially behind bushes and trees, sort of like shading in a drawing?

Or, hire a local mural artist and make a real splash!