Summer Pruning

Now is a great time for ‘plant therapy’ because you can snip a little today, a little tomorrow and eventually get your shrubs back into shape.

Mid to late August is a good time to prune branches and shrubs that have died or are starting to fill in where you sheared them earlier. Tree branch pruning should be held off until leaves drop so you don’t encourage water sprouts or new branches that will be poorly branched and will break off easily as they mature. And it will be certainly easier to see which branches and where they need to be cut.

While you are pruning, why not scout for existing scale bodies attached to bark and branches on euonymus and magnolia? An summer oil spray (2% vegetable oil, 2 tablespoons per gallon) or Sevin would be effective in their control.

While you are scouting, you may notice lichen growing on your shrubs or trees. They are not harmful so you don’t need to treat or remove it but perhaps, reading this article may help clarify things for you~

Article on Lichens on branches

Happy Gardening!


For Everything, There Is A Season~

Starting in 1978 with a garage sale lawn mower, I have had incredible opportunities to serve so many clients with property maintenance and landscape design. Who would’ve guessed this little skinny kid from the Bronx would have had such a gifted and pleasurable life, getting paid for what I enjoyed doing?
With my wife’s sudden passing, I have decided to take a new path for myself. But first I would be amiss if I didn’t thank you for allowing me the freedom to design and work for you. I can’t drive anywhere around town without noticing a job I was involved in since my first grass cutting jobs in Snyder.
Thanks to you, I have a wonderful bank of memories and pictures to look through in my portfolio, or landscape awards that I have been honored and humbled to receive.
For all these experiences and for the great workers who came alongside me for the ride, I am grateful, appreciative and humbled. It was fun and we had quite a time, didn’t we?
I trust and pray that these words will find you and your family in the best of health and happiness. May God Bless You~

For every purpose, There is a season~

Dear Friends,
With the sudden loss of my bride, I am taking a sabbatical from Jacrist. I need to process this loss and stay in prayer as to where the Lord will lead me. I know He is not done with me yet.
I apologize to you for my inability to go ahead with gardening dreams I had for you. I hope you will be graceful in your understanding of my need to heal as you enjoy what I have been able to accomplish for you up to now.
Thank you for your support, concern and understanding. I appreciate your continued prayers for me and my family.

Getting My Feet Wet for my 43rd Season

Just in time before the snow, I had the pleasure of recomposing the front landscaping for a client. Perennials will be added as they become ready.

Readjusting plant composition often creates a different view and freshens up the landscaping without great expense.

“Call Us and Consider It Done!”