How Much To Water?

Have you ever wondered how much water is actually getting on your lawn?

How much is enough?

Well, here’s an easy way to see~

Place old tuna fish or pet food cans in a straight line about 5 feet apart over the lawn when you water. You’ll easily be able to tell how much water has been used.

So how much should you use?

Most gardeners encourage watering until at least 1/2 inch of water collects in the can.

BTW, if you have planted new shrubs or trees this season, it is imperative especially in the extreme hot weather we have been and will continue to experience this upcoming week, to water the base of the plants well.  Hit the leaves as well as the base of the plant at least two-three times a week with larger droplets or if you have a nozzle, set to the shower setting.

Considering Landscape Lighting to Accent Your Yard?

If you are considering adding landscaping lights to accent your landscaping, why not consider these, Nekteck Landscaping Solar Lights?

They’re easy to use, feature¬† 2 stage lighting, low & high, and can help create a lovely composition at low cost for you and your friends to admire your landscaping when you are relaxing at the end of the day.

Walmart: Solar Lights

Do You Have Ornamental Onions in Your Garden?

If you have the beautiful purple ornamental onion or Allium giganteum in your garden, you’ve probably noticed that the head has now gone to seed.



Either clip off the stem at the base and discard it or leave it alone and it will freely seed in other areas of your garden.

So Is This A Weed or Flower?

Lots of people are asking, “What is this? Is it a weed or flower?”
Well, an old time gardener would say, “A weed is a flower without an advertising agency.”
So, what is it?
Garlic Mustard.
Although used and spread by colonial settlers, it’s edible for people but it is not eaten by local wildlife or insects. Roots are used like horseradish and seeds spice up food.
Yet in the natural landscape, it has become an invasive weed. It competes with native vegetation and it can establish in a relatively stable forest understory. It can grow in dense shade or sunny sites. Garlic mustard is also allelopathic, producing chemicals that inhibit the growth of other nearby plants and mychorrizal fungi needed for healthy tree growth and tree seedling survival.

Welcome to our Oasis~

What a treat to see that neighborhood toads have selected our pond as a nursery for their tadpoles.

Tap to see video

Just another element of pleasure gained by this investment to our yard.

Can Jacrist install one for you for your home or business? Give us a call~

Have You Got A Bird Feeder or Bird Bath?

If you are a bird lover and have a feeder or bird bath, it is imperative that you routinely clean the piece with hot, soapy bleach water to control bacteria. Flush with clean water and let dry before reusing.

And despite the pictures, wear dishwashing gloves~