For Everything, There Is A Season~

Starting in 1978 with a garage sale lawn mower, I have had incredible opportunities to serve so many clients with property maintenance and landscape design. Who would’ve guessed this little skinny kid from the Bronx would have had such a gifted and pleasurable life, getting paid for what I enjoyed doing?
With my wife’s sudden passing, I have decided to take a new path for myself. But first I would be amiss if I didn’t thank you for allowing me the freedom to design and work for you. I can’t drive anywhere around town without noticing a job I was involved in since my first grass cutting jobs in Snyder.
Thanks to you, I have a wonderful bank of memories and pictures to look through in my portfolio, or landscape awards that I have been honored and humbled to receive.
For all these experiences and for the great workers who came alongside me for the ride, I am grateful, appreciative and humbled. It was fun and we had quite a time, didn’t we?
I trust and pray that these words will find you and your family in the best of health and happiness. May God Bless You~