It’s Been A Very Dry Season This Year In Buffalo~

There’s not much attention about the weather we are experiencing in Buffalo but it has been quite a dry season so far with very limited, drenching rain.
Consequently, new plantings as well as established ones need to be watered at least twice a week to encourage proper root growth for sustaining plant health. Lawns near sidewalks, driveway and streets will transpire more water due to the retained heat of the concrete or blacktop.

Time To Bring Your Houseplants Inside

If you’re like me, many houseplants have been outside enjoying living in the outdoors. But unfortunately with the cooler nights, it’s time to think about bringing them back inside, safely.

Here’s a short article to help you help them with the transition.

Bringing Your Houseplants in from the Outside

And on this subject, keep in mind where you put them in the house is subject to the available sun cast during the day in your home due to its exposures and the lessening of available light by how far you place them away from the window. Keep in mind also the drying effect of heat vents. You can mitigate some exposure by placing cardboard over vent so air is diverted sideways instead of upwards.

And last thing, remember to pretreat plants with an insecticidal soap to kill any insects harbored in leaves and branches of your plants BEFORE bringing them in.

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