Do You Have Ornamental Onions in Your Garden?

If you have the beautiful purple ornamental onion or Allium giganteum in your garden, you’ve probably noticed that the head has now gone to seed.



Either clip off the stem at the base and discard it or leave it alone and it will freely seed in other areas of your garden.

Pruning as an Art form

While spring pruning, it brings to mind all the incredible minds who have taken raw materials to create wonderful and worthy art pieces.
Here at Jacrist, know each cut is thought of before it is done.

Is this the proper time to prune? Are there dead branches that need to be removed? Are there branches that are growing into each other? Will the canopy be opened and become stronger? What would be the best method to foster more fruit or flowers? Is the shrub or hedge properly formed?
If you need proper pruning of your trees and shrubs, give us a call~

February Garden Ideas

Virtual Gardening

February is the best month to fantasize about what not yet is but soon could be true. I coin it my ‘virtual reality’ month. Why not look outside your window and take a picture; or, shoot a shot as you drive onto your property? Then, print it and with a sheet of tracing paper or an online program, sketch what it could be like. You know, we can even help out!

Prep Work Begins

Here at Jacrist, I’ve been busy ordering our numerous perennials and ornamental grasses. This year I will have over 50 varieties to use with my plant palette to use on your property or development. All personally selected and properly zoned to do well in Buffalo and as always, guaranteed to grow and prosper where we plant them. Have you contacted us yet for your project?

Scheduling Jobs is Starting

Presently we are booking jobs for late May-early June. I know~ crazy, huh? Please add us to your ITB list if you are planning a commercial property. Please know this year we will be limiting our waiting list to maintain our distinctive quality and attention to detail our clients depend on. Don’t be disappointed – Contact me so we can get you on our job board now.

What Services Are Available This Season?
  • SPRING CLEANUPS with proper pruning and bed preparation (limited slots available)
  • RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL COMPLETE LANDSCAPE DESIGN & INSTALLATION includes preinstallation consultations, bid prep and after care
  • INDOOR LANDSCAPING (limited number of clients design and maintenance programs available)
  • MID SEASON BED MAINTENANCE (limited slots available)
  • FALL CLEANUPS (limited slots available)

All of our Trees, Shrubs and Perennials are guaranteed to be alive and growing!

January Gardening Tips

Ruminating on Things January

January is a great time to dawdle~ Flip through seed catalogs, go online and read other gardener’s blogs, get lost on Pinterest!

Temperatures seem cold but we are actually not having a bad winter so far; temperatures are hovering in the high 20’s but there isn’t any snow cover.
Hopefully you have cut up the branches of your Christmas tree to scatter over your perennial to help keep them insulated from the temperature fluctuations we are experiencing.

Some towns grind up the trees and allow you to take it home for free. Consider doing so on acid loving plants like spruce, heather, rhododendrons, azaleas and blueberries.

On a sunny cold day, use a pair of binoculars to see if your flex-seal gutters are dripping. You will see little icicles or water dripping at seams or corners of your gutters. If so, come late spring when the gutter is dry, you can spray a rubber membrane to stop the leak.

I can’t wait to get to use my plant palette this coming season!

Have You Tried Forcing Blossoms?

Many flowering shrubs and fruit trees can offer signs of spring just by witch-hazel putting them into a pail of water. This technique called forcing, can give you a free, floral display. If you clip pussy willows, just take them out of the water as the catkins open to preserve them.

If you have any daffodil, crocus or tulip bulbs, and they have been stored where it is cold, you can force them also.

Have fun and try it at least once in your life~

Jacrist Gardening Design Head Start

It’s hard to believe but I’ve been busy completing designs for the 2017 Season already. If you have purchased or own a commercial or residential property and are thinking of making some landscaping or hardscaping changes, please contact me ASAP, especially if you are looking for a May/June installation.

I also invite you to Jacrist’s Facebook page to read posted articles and view pictures of completed projects from last season.

Speaking of which~

In addition to receiving two New York State Nursery & Landscape Association Beautification Awards in 2016 for our Five Hundred Seneca project, we also garnered a landscaping award from PlantWNY, our regional landscape association, for a large residential project we completed last August.