Timing is everything~

Now that the weather is cooling down, planning your fall weed control is a good idea.

Plants naturally start to store sugars into their roots and stolons as early frosts occur. Applying herbicides makes them more effective as their molecules migrate  alongside the sugar molecules into the plant, making Fall the more effective time to apply weed control.

Here’s an informative article I encourage you to read~

Best Way to Get Rid of Weeds in Yard – 7 Easiest Steps

Improving on What You Have~

Often we are asked to help make an existing feature better.

Here is a backyard water feature that was interesting but unimaginative. We improved it and made it appear as if it has always been there, in the woods, with an atmosphere that drew your attention.

What do you think?

Creating interesting panels is always a fun treat, not only for our clients but for us, too~

Wattle Fence
Using black locust poles that do not rot in soil and recently cut willow branches, this wattle fence was erected to provide some privacy along the client’s property line.

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Creating Privacy and Interest in a very limited area

Coming off the parking lot, the lower apartments at 600 River Road needed something special.

Jacrist designed and installed these¬†evergreen hedging beds with a special ‘inside view looking outward’ that created a low maintenance sidewalk side with daylilies and hosta and more interesting, garden-like area on the inside, with rhododendron, azaleas, heuchera, hosta, bergenia and different sized rocks and pebbles.

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Creating an Inviting Destination Site to Relax

Working at 600 River Road in Tonawanda, NY has been such a pleasure, from taking what was to what could be.

Here is a compilation Before/after shot of the waterfront area. What’s really cool is that as you come around the building from the parking lot, you really do get the ‘Wow’ factor as you enter this incredible area, overlooking the beautiful Niagara River.

How lucky are the residents here?